You're about to learn how to

Whether you are an aspiring Home Stager or a seasoned pro, this Home
Staging Home Study Program will give you the confidence, tools and expertise
you need in order to have a thriving staging business!

"7 Steps To Creating Your Home Staging Business
Make Money Doing What You Love!"

In this self-paced home staging & redesign home study course,
you will learn HOW to STAGE & REDESIGN a home


HOW to START & RUN a successful home staging and redesign business

Dana teaching staging students in classroomHi, I'm Colleen McClure, professional home stager and trainer and I have some exciting news to share!

For several years, I have trained hundreds of home stagers to not only learn how to stage and redesign a home, but to also start and run a successful home staging business.

But there was just one problem . . .

My courses were only available in specific cities and I found many women could not travel to attend. Since my mission is to educate, inspire and empower 1000's of women to create successful business for themselves, this was a big problem!

So I had to make some changes!

Now you can learn to become your own boss as a Professional Real Estate Home Stager (PRES®) no matter where you live!

Introducing my brand new on line course offering: 7 Steps To Creating Your Home Staging Business - Make Money Doing What You Love!

"For the first time ever, the entire PRES® Staging and
Redesign course that I have been teaching for
years is now laid out for you, step-by-step, in this seven-week 'learn from home' format!"

Does this sound familiar?

If any of what I just said resonates with you, I have great news for you . . . you are in the right place! You CAN have a Professional staging career and business without having to travel hundreds of miles to attend an in-person classroom or spend thousands of dollars for training either!

And that's why I want to invite you to my
ALL NEW "Learn Fom Home" training course . . .

"7 Steps To Creating Your Home Staging Business -
Make Money Doing What You Love!"

Here's what you'll learn during this 7-week intensive home-study program:

Module 1

How to Get Started and Create Your Business Plan for Success!

  • How to do effective market research
  • Create your Vision & Mission for your new business
  • How to secure and register your company name on line and off line
  • Get started on your business plan and set goals to start and grow your business
Module 2

Learn the PRES® 10-Step Secret Success Formula for Home Staging & Redesign Room Set Ups

  • Easily stage or redesign a property by following the PRES® 10-Step Formula
  • Learn the basic differences between Staging for Selling and Redesign for Living
  • Apply Decorating 101 staging & redesign styling principles and elements
  • Learn how to work with rental inventory and where to use enhancements
Module 3

Create A Branding Buzz Through Marketing Magic So You're Not The Best Kept Secret!

  • Gain understanding of your branding and unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Discover who your ideal client is and where to find your target market
  • Create a variety of marketing tools to increase exposure
  • Become a home staging expert by getting out there
Module 4

Increase Sales -- Get Noticed and Be Remembered

  • Have your reputation soar with these proven marketing strategies
  • Understand how to create your Marketing Wheel to promote your business year-round
  • Create your Infomercial, aka elevator speech, for your networking events
  • Work with Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture partners to increase your sales
Module 5

Create Attractive Pricing by Creating Irresistible Offers

  • Use professional templated forms for your consultations & contracts
  • Offer value-added services to your standard pricing package
  • Create exclusive offers for your major clients with or without Rental Furnishings
  • Put your generic information packages together so you are ready at all times
  • Learn how to create an invoice and provide quotes for services and services with inventory
Module 6

Make a Small Investment In Starting Up Your Dream Business

  • Find out how much money you really need to get started
  • Gain valuable insight on which rentals are best for starting out
  • Put your fantastic tool kit together with the best tools for staging
  • Learn where to find assistants and what to pay them
  • Find out what the best insurance is for your staging business
Module 7

Take the Fear Out of Selling -- Relationship Selling Made Easy!

  • How to go from prospect to client in 5 easy steps
  • Qualify your prospect to determine if you want to work with them or not
  • Provide an in-depth consultation offering features and benefits
  • Close the sale feeling confident and valued
  • Discover why the 'Fortune is in the Follow Up' (most people don't do this)

Imagine Creating Transformations Like This . . .

Sitting Room Before and After

. . . And Earning A Living While Having Such Fun!

Sally Weatherley

I wanted to thank you for such an exciting and informative course. As you know, I have taken other staging courses. However, what puts your PRES course above other staging courses I have taken is the support that you offer after the course is over. Your professional development courses and on-going mentorship/coaching has given me the opportunity to add more tools to my staging skills, and knowing I can call you for advice when I'm needing some extra help has been an extraordinary help. Thank you again for a great course, and for your on-going mentorship, even after the course was completed. PRES definitely goes above and beyond what other staging courses offer in terms of continued support.

- Sally Weatherley --

All together, this is what you get in this bundle package:

7 Complete Lesson Plans

7 Complete Lessons

Complete Transcripts

145 Pages of single line typed transcripts

Powerpoint Slides

465 Power Point Slides

Bonus handouts

48 Pages of Bonus Handouts

Here are just a few examples:
  • Western Feng Shui Bagua for Creating Your Vision Board
  • 90 Day Goal Setting Sample
  • Decorating 101
  • Open House Ready Look & Home Improvements
  • Room Set Ups for Furnished or Vacant Homes
  • Residential Room Templates & Grid
  • Sample Marketing Wheel
  • Sample Realtor Talk Handout
  • Sample Draw Form for Trade Shows
  • Detailed Price List of Standard Start-Up Costs
  • Detailed Price List of Tools
  • Standard Room Inventory for Vacant Home Form
  • Iventory Tracking List (Excel File)
  • Revenue Vs Expenses Monthly Tracking (Excel File)
  • Prospecting Template Form for Follow Up
PLUS +++ 26 Professional PRES® FORMS for Home Staging and Interior Redesign
Practice Sheets

26 Practice Exercises

Some examples:
  • Self Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Creating Your Vision & Mission Statement
  • Writing Your Business Plan
  • 90 Day Goal Setting
  • Characteristics & Personality Traits for Your Brand
  • Your Marketing Materials/Tools For Start Up
  • Your Potential Realtors
  • Networking Comparison Chart
  • Create Your Marketing Strategies List
  • Write Your Infomercial - Long & Short Versions
  • Creating Your Own Generic Information Package
  • Creating A Variety of Invoices
  • Create Your Own Rental Inventory List
  • Estimate Your Standard Start-Up Costs
set of 7 CDs - audio recordings

90+ Minutes of recordings of Dana teaching for each of the 7 lessons

But Wait! There's More!!

Choose from one of the two package options below and you can also get several added bonuses!

PRES HSHS Home Study Course

Instant PRES Home Staging Home Study Course

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Instant PRES Home Staging Home Study Course PLUS

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Lesson 1
How to Get Started and Create Your Business Plan for Success!
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Lesson 2
Learn the PRES® 10-Step Secret Success Formula for Home Staging & Redesign Room Set Ups
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Lesson 3
Create A Branding Buzz Through Marketing Magic So You're Not The Best Kept Secret!
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Lesson 4
Increase Sales -- Get Noticed and Be Remembered
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Lesson 5
Create Attractive Pricing by Creating Irresistible Offers
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Lesson 6
Make a Small Investment In Starting Up Your Dream Business
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Lesson 7
Take the Fear Out of Selling -- Relationship Selling Made Easy!
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eBook Getting Ready for an Open HouseeBOOK:

Getting Ready for an Open House in 10 Easy Steps!


eBook Creating Curb Appeal that Sells!eBOOK:

Creating Curb Appeal that Sells!


Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO!eBOOK:

Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO!

One Hour Question & Answer with eVision Media owner Susan Friesen on Branding, Websites, eMarketing, eNewsletters, SEO and more!
One Hour+ Question & Answer with Dana J. Smithers covering common questions stagers have when developing their business.
$797 CDN
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"If you stage just one home as a result of the skills
and tools you receivefrom this course,
you will have recouped your investment."

And the good news is that you will now have the tools you require to not only set up and successfully run a home staging business, but you will also have the insider tips and strategies I have learned throughout my years as a home stager and corporate trainer on how to attract your perfect client so you don't have to worry about "selling" anymore!

Plus you are protected by my PRES® Training Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarenteed

I'm confident that when you take this training program, you're going to be thrilled at the amount of information, tools and tips I will be providing throughout the course and beyond!

I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you'll be able to run a very successful home staging business, no matter what the current state of economy is!

Just to back that up, after receiving your purchase and if you decide it's truly not for you, just let me know and get a full refund. 100%! Without question.

Dana has definitely given me the tools and the confidence to start my own company. With her hands on approach I learned very quickly the art of staging and redesign. What I like the most is that she really cares and wants everyone to be successful. And that meant a lot to me. Thanks!

- Ginu Pereira -- Charis Home Staging

Isabelle Guay

After deciding to take up a career in home staging, I browsed through the many online home staging courses that are available in the web. With much thought and comparison, I decided to take up the PRES® Home Staging Online course. The results were more than I expected. Dana gave me a very personalized experience and her interest and input to see me succeed was amazing. The course covered everything I needed to start my own home staging business. I would recommend Dana and her online courses any day and she really is committed to my success!

- Isabelle Guay --

Lisa Roy

After running my own successful visual display and design business for 13 years I believed that I would be able to embark on a new career in Home Staging without a course behind me. I heard about this course through a friend who convinced me this was a course we should take together. We learned about what it would take to start a business in this industry and were given all the tools to get us going.

The forms that students are able to incorporate into their business plans are both very thorough and professional and the course covers everything that is needed to start a career in staging and redesign. Dana's expertise in the field in invaluable to anyone wanting to go down this path. She shared many trade secrets and lessons that were learned throughout her experiences.

- Lisa Roy --

So are you ready to get started?


Yes, I am ready to become a PRES® professional
real estate stager and redesigner so I can start a new Home Staging & Redesign business
or accelerate my existing business to the next level!

  • I will receive Colleen's 7-module intensive course as PDF files.
  • I will receive recordings of each call as well as transcriptions so I can save them to my computer and access them anytime I need.
  • I will receive printable templates, samples and checklists including invoices, client contracts, proposals, recommendations checklist and report, cover letters, consultation forms, rental quote forms and so much more!


$497 CDN

Instant Download


$797 CDN

Instant Download Plus Bonuses

Rest easy -- your order will be processed on secure servers.

With Gratitude,

Colleen McClure
PRES Staging Resource Centre Certified Trainer/Owner

P.S. It doesn't matter to me if you take my course or not. It does matter to me that you invest in yourself. If this is not the right course for you or the right time I'm really okay with that. What DOES, however, matter to me is that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, choose your bundle now and get ready to become a professional home stager and accelerate your business to heights you have only dreamed of until now!

Linda Stolz The PRES® course ... truly does take you from start to success as you learn how to begin and operate a home staging and redesign business. Dana Smithers has laid out the PRES® course in a specific order for specific reasons and I would encourage you to complete the home study course as it is written, and in its entirety.

I am particularly impressed by the fact that the material is presented in both written and audio form, giving the learner the opportunity to absorb the content in the way that suits them (or that particular day) best. The value received far exceeds the purchase price of this course. Not only do you receive the benefit of Dana’s expertise and advice in the home staging industry, but the bonus materials are invaluable. She has created templates for forms that cover every aspect of the day to day operations of a home staging company. With the PRES® forms, I was able to have all my printed contracts, estimate forms, inventory forms etc ready with my logo, contact info, etc in less than one day. Priceless!

I would wholeheartedly recommend the PRES® Home Staging Home Study Course to anyone interested in starting their own career in Home Staging or Redesign the right way.

- Linda Stolz -- A New Point of View Home Staging and Redesign

Christine Demptser

Within a few months of finishing my training, I have had a number of staging consultations and one move in consultation. All were done with great success and the clients along with their realtors were thrilled. They were especially grateful for the follow up reports which they received within 24 hrs. of my consultations. This is all thanks to the terrific course and excellent instruction I received. Thanks so much!

- Christine Dempster --

Elisabeth Chamberlain

Dana is the 'Guru' of staging and redesign on the West Coast. The course I attended was beyond my expectations. Dana's style of teaching was delivered with lots of enthusiasm as she truly loves what she does and it shows. Dana's professionalism, commitment to excellence, her continuous support and mentoring is invaluable to help new and seasoned re-designers and stagers become the best they can be."

- Elisabeth Chamberlain --

Carla Fellows

It's been one year now since I have taken your course and I could not be more thrilled at how much has happened for Sandi and I in that year. This Spring saw us very, very busy heading up a few big 'Renovations for Sale' projects. We have used our Strategic Alliances to create a wonderful network of trades to work with and are now providing a valuable service to our clients that don't need to hire a builder. The finished results have been very satisfying. Even better, the properties we have 'Shine'd Up' are selling quickly in our very competitive market. We have had a few that have had offers in after the first showing and a few more that have brought us increased interest from the realtors as well as the prospective buyers.

- Carla Fellows -- Shine Creative Interiors